Mechanical Support


Manuals can be found here or on the relevant product page under 'Manuals/Downloads'.

Please note that some models do not have specific manuals. However, each bike comes with a general user manual containing comprehensive information. For copyright reasons, this manual is not available as a PDF file. If required, please contact your BMC dealer to obtain the user manual if it is not included with your bike.

If you still have specific questions about your bike, you are welcome to contact our customer service via the contact form.

Specs and Compatibilities

The serial number (also known as frame number) can be found in front of or below the bottom bracket. On model year 2014 bicycles or newer, it is printed at the bottom of the QR code.
On E-Bikes (AMP) you find the serial number in a different place, for example underneath the battery.

For the Timemachine 01, Timemachine and the BB30 bottom bracket shell, we recommend the installation of an FSA adapter. The model is called FSA BB-ALM3.

Our engineers and product managers work closely with partners to ensure that each of our full-suspension models is perfectly tuned. That's why our fullys are designed as a complete system and every element plays an important role in ride quality. For our bikes to perform as intended, we do not recommend replacing the shock. A small custom tune is a rider-specific option, but we strongly recommend working with qualified, professional suspension technicians.

In principle it is possible, but it is important to note that the steering angle can change and this can affect the handling. In general, our bikes are tuned to the installed suspension travel, and the measurements on the test bench are also carried out in exactly this standard setup. Logically, the measurement results obtained in this way do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about other installation dimensions.


The Alpenchallenge AC02 easily accommodates various available models in the market. For the best fit, it's recommended to seek advice from your BMC retailer.

Although the Alpenchallenge 01 frame wasn't specifically designed for a carrier, it's still feasible. We suggest considering the Tubus Fly Classic model. Besides the assembly process, you'll also require the BMC fender mount, identified by article number 216'673. Your BMC retailer will gladly assist you in purchasing and installing the carrier.

It is possible to mount a carrier. We recommend the Fly Evo model from Tubus.

Art. 40100 - black

The Fly Evo rack is equipped with a standard 240mm round post to attach it to the Seatstay bridge. However, for our Alpenchallenge AMP it requires a longer 350mm roundstay, which Tubus sells as a spare part.
You usually have to bend this roundstay to get the best fit to the frame. This is described in the instruction manual from Tubus.
Additionally needed:
Tubus Alu Roundstay rear carrier aluminum / Art. 33501 - 350mm black /
BMC Fender Mount (to mount luggage carrier and/or mudguard): Art. 216673

The maximum tire width for carrier and mudguards is 32mm.

We can recommend the kickstand models from Pletscher and Ursus (hole spacing 40mm):

Ursus Mooi Rear R90

For the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross and Sport you need an adapter:
for the aluminum model / 302232
for the carbon model / 302235


Finding your optimal saddle position can boost both your pedalling efficiency, increase comfort and help to avoid long-term injuries. For best results, BMC highly suggests you also seek professional guidance and recommendations.

These easy methods can help you get started in adjusting saddle height, fore/aft and tilt:

Saddle height:
Method 1: Place your heels on the pedals and pedal backwards to reach the six o’clock position. Your stretched leg should be completely straight.

Method 2: Measure your inseam length and multiply that figure by 0.883, producing your saddle height.

Saddle fore/aft:
Start with moving your saddle for-/ backwards to have your knee directly above the pedal spindle when the crank arm is in the three o’clock position.

Saddle tilt:
Start with your saddle in a neutral position by keeping it level. If you feel pressure on the pelvis, try tilting the nose down slightly. Conversely, if you feel too much pressure on your hands, your saddle nose is likely tilted too far down.

All BMC full-suspension bikes come equipped with a feature at the junction of the seatstay and linkage called the "Initial Load Indicator" that helps you identify proper sag. Using this indicator, significantly reduces the setup time before heading out on to the trail.

When determining proper setup, make sure you take into consideration your ride equipment – if you ride with a hydration/gear pack, make sure you're accounting for this additional weight when preparing to hit the trails.

Finally, before hitting the trails, make sure you check your suspension set-up regularly, to ensure proper inflation.

Spare Parts & Service

Spare Parts

You can purchase your spare parts online or via your local BMC retailer. BMC retailers have access to BMC-specific spare parts as well as various other aftermarket parts, and can work with you in choosing the correct replacement option that best suits both you and your bike.

Please use the Shop Finder to find the BMC Retailer nearest to you.

The decals are covered by a layer of transparent coating. Because of this, the decals cannot be replaced.

Bike Service & Maintenance

BMC bikes must be serviced by qualified bike mechanics. Please contact your nearest BMC retailer to arrange a service appointment.

The application of adhesives, such as stickers, can result in colour differences due to different impacts of UV radiation on the frame.

Do not use strong solvents, and test on a small, concealed area before using a cleaning product for the first time.

Carbon Care

Bicycle frames made out of carbon fibres are high performance frames. The tube dimensions, wall thickness and orientation of the fibres are specially designed to withstand the stresses that can occur during its intended use and guarantee high comfort and stiffness to give you the best ride possible.

Whilst BMC frames are designed to exceed EN safety requirements, the frames are not designed to withstand all foreseen forces. They are not designed to survive all collisions or crashes undamaged and can be delicate for punctual pressures.

Please respect the following instructions:

Avoid contact with hard, sharp or pointed objects. Don’t lean your bike with the top tube against a pole or corner of a building.

When using a work stand, don’t clamp the bike on any frame tube, fix the bike at the seatpost only.

While your bike is fixed (by the seatpost) on the work stand, avoid high side loads when replacing the bottom bracket as a lever effect can occur creating damage to the seattube or frame.

BMC carbon frames should exclusively be used on direct drive home trainers that require the removal of the rear wheel and the use of the original axle.

Recommended Trainers:

  • WAHOO: Kickr, Kickr Core
  • TACX: Flux 2 Smart, Flux S Smart, Neo 2T
  • ELITE: Direto XR, Suito, Turno

Important Notice:

Trainers that clamp on the frame are not considered suitable and can damage the frame.
The use of this type of trainer voids the warranty coverage.
The product liability of the trainer and its fixation to the bike is with the trainer manufacturer.

Do not clamp any children’s seat or trailer couplings on your carbon frame.

If using soft travel cases or bike boxes to transport your bike, please ensure the frame is well protected (using soft foam wrap) to ensure no components or external pressures can puncture or damage the frame. Please note that the BMC warranty does not cover any transport damage.

When transporting your bike on a car rack, only fix your bike at the seatpost or fork dropout and never clamp the bike on any frame tube.

BMC’s frames are made mostly using UD carbon fibre. UD stands for unidirectional. Unlike more traditional carbon fibre products that use a woven carbon finish (criss-crossed finish like a woven piece of material), UD carbon is a piece of carbon material with the filaments all running in one direction. BMC’s frames are made from many different pieces of UD carbon that are woven together, similar to what is done in textile production. Some of our frames contain around 350 individual pieces of carbon fibre that go into the mould before heating and curing takes place. These material sheets - some very small, some very large - are laid at different angles across each other to achieve different results: torsional strength, compliance areas, rigidity, and so on. The layup of these sheets is extremely important to the end result. This is the art of building a carbon fibre frame.
On our unpainted frames, you can see the result of these carbon fibre sheets overlapping each other through the clear coat covering the frame. We are very proud to be able to show this real effect on our frames. It shows not only the true workmanship of the frame, but also the resulting quality as the frame exits our moulds. Many bike manufacturers prefer to paint their frames because there are often many imperfections in the finish that need to be re-worked using a filler before waiting for it to dry, sanding it, and then giving it a final paint job (a bit like a panel shop). This is a cheaper way to finish the frames, ensures you have no reject quantity, and allows you to use less stringent production techniques.
On unpainted BMC frames, when you look 'into' the frame, you see the quality of what’s on the inside – we are showing you our finish and quality and we are very proud of that.

Warranty & Repairs


BMC provides a voluntary warranty of three years on every frame, and two years on BMC components and paintwork (paintwork one year for bikes before 2014). By registering your new BMC bike within the first six months after initial purchase on the Bike Registration page or within the BMC Companion App, you can extend the warranty on the frame to five years. You can read the warranty provisions in detail on the Warranty policy page.

The warranty begins with the purchase of a new BMC bike and continues in effect, if the bike is sold on. However, you must be able to provide the original receipt in order to file a warranty claim.

The warranty covers racing. Damage caused by crashes, external influences, or inappropriate use is however excluded from the warranty.

If you purchased our product from a retailer, please get in touch with them and they will handle the warranty process for you.
If you purchased directly from us, please get in touch via our contact form and our customer support team will advice on the next steps.

The serial number (also known as frame number) can be found in front of or below the bottom bracket. On model year 2014 bicycles or newer, it is printed at the bottom of the QR code.
On E-Bikes (AMP) you find the serial number in a different place, for example underneath the battery.

Crash Replacement

The 'Crash replacement' program covers damages to the frame caused by crashes that occurred while using the bike appropriately, or through no fault of your own, and without external influences (e.g. damage during transport). The criterion is that the frame is no longer fit for use. For example, damage to the paintwork is not covered by the 'Crash replacement' program.

BMC congratulates you on the purchase of your new BMC product. Our name stands for high quality, durability and functionality in the development, production and processing of the materials used as well as the striking looks resulting from the finish, concept and design.
Even with proper handling and maintenance of your bicycle, you are not immune to your bicycle being damaged in a manner not covered by the warranty. The crash replacement program is an optional service provided by BMC Switzerland AG (hereinafter BMC), as a result of which you shall have the one-time opportunity to have your BMC frame replaced with a discount on the respective valid, official list price. The following procedures and provisions govern the services guaranteed to the buyer as part of the crash replacement program by BMC, as well as the preconditions under which claims can be made for these services.


Read the 'Crash replacement' provisions listed below. Take your crashed bike and your purchase receipt to your nearest retailer

1. Integral component of the warranty provisions in the purchase agreement
These provisions on the crash replacement program shall not guarantee an independent claim. By activating (see point 2 below) the crash replacement program, these provisions shall become an integral component of BMC's warranty provisions. The terms defined in the warranty shall in turn also be valid for crash replacement claims.

2. Activation of crash replacement
In order to be able to benefit from a possible crash replacement, you must register your bicycle/frame on the BMC website within 6 months of the date of purchase.

After this 6 months period, registration is no longer possible, and a claim for crash replacement can no longer occur. We therefore recommend registering with BMC immediately upon buying a new bicycle or frame from BMC. By registering, you not only meet the basic precondition for participation in the crash replacement program, but you also extend the warranty on your frame from 3 to 5 years from the date of purchase at the same time. A frame procured by means of crash replacement shall be excluded from a further crash replacement. The 3 to 5 year warranty will be extended from the date of replacement under the same conditions of the original manufacturer warranty.

3. Duration of crash replacement eligibility
Crash replacement shall span the entire warranty period.

4. Exclusion of crash replacement
All circumstances that lead to exclusion from the BMC warranty shall also exclude participation in the crash replacement program. Furthermore, a frame may only be replaced once as part of the crash replacement program. Crash replacement shall include:
consequences of a fall during proper use
damage through no fault of your own, and without involving third parties

5. Intensity of the damage as a precondition for the claim
Crash replacement may take effect if the frame has experienced a detrimental effect to its functional capacity and thus negatively impacting safe riding. If the frame is not damaged, or is not damaged to the extent described above, no claim for crash replacement can occur.

6. Services as part of the crash replacement
The complete frameset shall be replaced as part of crash replacement. Please refer to the product description of the respective model for the scope of delivery. Damaged components that are not part of the frameset shall be excluded from crash replacement. If the same model can no longer be supplied, a frame from the direct successor model may be purchased. The labor costs/wages of the BMC retailer are not be included in crash replacement.

7. Assertion and processing of crash replacement
The crash replacement shall be reported to your BMC retailer by means of the completed crash replacement form, a copy of the warranty card, and the purchase receipt. Your BMC retailer shall inform BMC of your request for crash replacement, incl. photos of the defective bicycle and frame number. BMC shall check the circumstances and deliver a replacement to the BMC retailer in the event of a positive decision. The assembly and basic adjustments must be performed by the BMC retailer. Should these preconditions not be adhered to, warranty claims of any kind may be rejected.

8. Severability clause
Should a provision from the crash replacement program be or become invalid or exhibit a loophole to be closed, the legal force of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead of the missing or invalid provision, a provision that most closely approximates the meaning of the original provision shall be agreed.

9. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
For all disputes from or in conjunction with the crash replacement program (including with regard to the question of its conclusion or validity), the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts from the Canton of Solothurn shall be agreed. This purchase agreement shall be subject to Swiss law with the exclusion of a conflict of laws, as well as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The top models in the respective model series benefit from the 'crash replacement' program.

To benefit from crash replacement, you must register your bike/frame on the BMC website within 30 days of the date of purchase. The crash replacement program covers the entire warranty period up to a maximum of five years from the date of purchase.

The following models are covered by crash replacement:


  • Impec
  • Granfondo GF 01
  • Granfondo GF Disc 01
  • Teammachine SLR Disc 01
  • Teammachine SLR 01
  • Timemachine TM 01
  • Timemachine Road TMR 01
  • Crossmachine CX 01
  • Trackmachine 01
  • Roadmachine 01
  • Masterpiece Roadmachine
  • Masterpiece Teammachine
  • Teammachine R 01
  • Speedmachine 00 and 01


  • URS 01
  • URS LT
  • Kaius 01


  • Teamelite 01
  • Fourstroke 01
  • Fourstroke LT 01
  • Twostroke 01
  • Agonist 01
  • Speedfox 01
  • Trailfox 01
  • Trailfox AMP
  • Speedfox AMP
  • Fourstroke AMP


  • Alpenchallenge AMP (Carbon frame versions)

Bike Registration

Let us keep you company and become your best ride partner – the one who always has your back.
Registered bike owners always get the inside line with dedicated support and news, access to our crash replacement program, and an extended 5-year warranty.

You can register your new BMC bike within 6 months of purchase by visiting the Bike Registration page or registering via BMC Companion App. Used BMC bikes cannot be registered.


We will still guarantee the regular warranty conditions, also for custom painted frames and forks, if:

  • The original paint is only sanded superficially – no sanding through to carbon or aluminum
  • No chemical stripping is applied
  • The frame and fork serial number and barcode must remain visible

If these factors are respected, the integrity of the frame cannot be harmed by a repaint. In case of a damaged repainted frame, we will request a closer examination of the damaged area. If there is no original paint left under the repaint there will be no warranty.

Unfortunately, we do not have any touch-up pens available. We have made the experience that the colors dry out after a certain time.
Because we use special, proprietary colors for our bikes, there is no identical EU color code.
We recommend to have the color matched by a paint shop

Recalls and Safety

The safety of our customers is very important to us. This is why we have created this page to inform you of any current product recalls and provide you with general safety advice for using your BMC.

Voluntary recall for safety checks
Fork: BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc Bicycles and Framesets (model years 2018 and 2019)

Voluntary product recall for safety reviews
BMC Timemachine 01 (model years 2017 and 2018)
Q&A BMC Timemachine 01 recall

This guide gives aims to provide you with general safety advice for using your BMC.

Every BMC bike comes with a user guide. If you didn't receive a user guide when purchasing your BMC bike, please contact your BMC retailer immediately.

We recommend that you read the user guide carefully and keep it in a safe place for later reference. All the information contained in the user guide relates to the set-up, technology, care, and maintenance of your BMC bike. Please pay attention to the information provided. A lot of it is safety-related. Ignoring the information can lead to serious accidents or, under certain conditions, to financial losses.

We particularly recommend that you read and pay close attention to the chapters, 'Before your first ride' and 'Before every ride' prior to using your bike for the first time.

Modern bikes are high-tech products. Just because you have a wrench in your toolbox at home does not mean that you should carry out maintenance and repair work on the bike yourself. The maintenance and repair of BMC bikes requires experience, as well as specialist knowledge and tools. You should therefore hand over your BMC bike to a BMC specialist for any service, maintenance, or repair work.

As described in the user guide, we recommend that you carry out a brief safety check before each ride. Do not ride the bike if you discover one or several problems with it during the safety check. Let a specialist BMC retailer check your BMC bike for you.

Even when performing your own regular safety checks before each ride, you should still take your BMC bike to be checked and serviced regularly by a BMC specialist. The more frequently you use your bike, and/or the harsher the environmental conditions (dirt, rain, salt, etc.), the more frequently the bike should be taken for this kind of servicing.

As a fundamental rule, we recommend that whenever you ride your bike, you wear a suitable helmet which is appropriate to your requirements. Depending on the type of bike and style of riding, it might be appropriate to wear additional protective clothing (e.g. gloves, knee pads, shin pads and elbow pads, a back protector, etc.) under certain conditions.

Ask an expert to advise you when purchasing protective gear so that you get the gear that's right for you.

The respective national guidelines on bike reflectors and lights vary greatly. When riding your BMC bike, it is your responsibility to make sure it's equipped in line with your country's applicable guidelines. If you are uncertain as to what these are, please seek the advice of your BMC specialist. As a general rule, BMC recommends that you use a white front light, red back light, and suitable reflectors at all times, at the very least at night and at dawn and dusk.