Teams & Riders

Supporting athletes in their quest for success.

Our elite roster of athletes span all disciplines of cycling and choose BMC bikes to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Not only do we support the elite cyclists of today and tomorrow, we work hand in hand with each team to understand how we can better serve their needs, and ensure we provide them with cutting edge technology, enabling them to win.

The Next Step in the BMC MTB Journey
Team BMC

Following the successful launch of BMC's inaugural professional factory XC team last year, Team BMC remains committed to pursuing its aspirations at the highest levels of mountain bike racing. With the Olympic Games on the horizon, the 2024 season promises to be an extraordinary year.

Born To Dare
Tudor Pro Cycling Team

Tudor Pro Cycling and BMC represent the unification of two partners with a clear and specific vision – to develop the most successful Swiss cycling team ever. BMC has supported the team since inception, helping to provide a pathway for young talent to progress to the top level of the sport and with riders going from strength to strength, the future of the team is bright.

A Legacy Based on Talent
Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team

Founded by Axel Merckx – the son of Eddy Merckx – the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team provides the perfect environment for young riders to enable them to build upon their raw talent. Through the team, we strive to support the future of cycling by providing bikes built to perform at the highest level.

Where the tarmac ends
No Borders Gravel Team

Through No Borders, BMC welcome a new era of gravel racing. In partnership with Velocio and SRAM, this team of six riders is prepared to line up at the start of the most iconic gravel races with the equipment to win.

A partnership cemented in creating speed
BMC Pro Triathlon Team

Almost ten years since inception, BMC has worked tirelessly alongside the Pro Triathlon Team to understand the needs of the athletesand supply them with the world’s fastest bikes. With 150 wins, including conquering Kona, the desire to keep innovating remains steadfast.

Forever striving for the ultimate goal - to win
BMC Pro Athletes

The roster of BMC Pro Athletes will stop at nothing to achieve the win. With their insatiable desire to reach the peak of their ability, and our maniacal focus to produce the highest performing equipment, we work together tirelessly to create speed at every opportunity.

Cycling Is Life
BMC Ride Crew

From winning world tours and Olympic medals to racing endurance gravel events and World Record attempts, the BMC Ride Crew are passionate, inspirational and a powerful reminder of how to make the most of every adventure.